Tuesday, June 8, 2010

And a Month Later

I'm clearly not good at keeping this up. I think I neglect it even more than my journal, as I don't attempt to be witty in my journal. Almost done with school, I've settled in to work on my Capstone final. (Clearly, not working too hard at the moment...) The wedding invites are out, so I guess that's settled. Now just a few months of economic hardship and hectic weekends. And don't forget the parts where I have to recieve gifts in front of a large crowd of people and pretend I'm not wishing I could scream and run off. Joy to be had.

Yesterday was two years with Ed. Amazing that I've put up with him so long. That ties this with my other long relationship, which might have had another month or two past two years, but was emotionally over after less than a year. I suppose it's good that this bodes well, as I'm marrying him and will be spending a lot more years with him.

I do not like when things end, I will confess it freely. Even if it's something I didn't enjoy, say, a job, I'm still sad when my time comes to an end because I'm not that great with change. I get settled in my routine and I feel comfortable, and if not happy, at least I get by. Now, everything is changing. I'm (hopefully) going to work, people I have grown to love are leaving now that I've grown to love them, and I'm back out of the academic setting that I adore. Am I optimistic, sure. Doesn't mean I'm not melancholy too. Especially about people leaving. I've never found a group that suited me so well in intellect, interests and personality, but there you go.

I guess there's always the PhD.