Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not a Fun Night

I'm stuck in a UC computer lab until 8am. Not an experience I even had while a UC student, even in Grad. school. The smell of the books permeates the whole place, though I can't actually get at the books from here. My genius husband thought that driving through the snow for an eight hour shift in a computer lab over winter break was worth it, and I thought it was better to stay up all night just to go on the ride with him, than to wait at home and hope he got there okay. This was, perhaps, a stupid idea.

Now that I'm back here, though, all I want to do is write. Hence, the post here. I have no notebook, no pen, no flash drive even. I only brought a book with me and reading tiny letters with tired eyes is no fun at all, so now I'm typing away.

I guess I have cookie baking to look forward to?